Kate E. Black

Kate E. Black

Kate E. Black is a regionally recognized post modern painter and fused glass artist whose studio is located in the wine country of Sonoma County.

She is appreciated by collectors and exhibitors for her bold expressionistic style.  Katie’s pieces feature nuanced layered lines and color punctuated by radiant elements that actively engage the viewer as they interact with the ambient light of their display environments.  From her light filled studio in Santa Rosa, her work shows up in hundreds of brilliant jewel- toned pieces that she has created.

Like a dutiful daughter, Kate E. Black (growing up in SF) tried to not only listen to the advice given by her parents , but to follow it.  Katie’s father was a doctor and her mother was an Asian Art Historian.  Those two disciplines are found in equal measure in their daughter’s dreams and life.  Her father, a pathologist,  told her not to go into medicine because it foreshadowed a life ruled by bureaucrats.  Her art historian mother , on the other hand, told her not to go into Art because she would never make a living. 

This explains her dual passions and career.  Following the advice of both parents, Katie became a doctor and an artist.  Creative artist at night and in her free time and a successful Anesthesiologist by day. She has sculpted a flexible career which gave her time and resources to pursue her artistic passion. "I was surrounded by art my whole life and I started working in clay at age 13."


Her study of ceramics, glass and painting continued during her college years at Bennington in Vermont.  Upon moving to NYC, she continued her pursuit of glass blowing and art until her decision to go to medical school as a second career absorbed all of her bandwidth.  She buried her art in a closet for 20 years and went to medical school, trained as an Anesthesiologist, settled in as a physician, had a son and took on all of those responsibilities.  Then her friend called to tell her about a new form of glass working that could be done in a home studio. “ I flew to LA, went to a master glass teacher’s class and fell in love with this medium.” She bought two kilns and has never stopped since.  That was 20 years ago.  She is also painting again for the past 12  years in her new larger studio at Backstreet Gallery.  Sometimes she has two pieces of glass in the kiln and 4-5 canvases going at once.  Katie’s approach to her work is a “stream of consciousness.  My pieces come to me.  I never plan a work of art. They are fluid and take their own shape as I work. Many of my works are inspired by music; mostly jazz.   I make the analogy to Mozart in that he couldn’t write the notes down fast enough”. It’s a very rapid layered process that just jumps out of her.  She never knows what is going to happen.  As with cooking, it is a meditative process for her.   If I go too long without doing it, my edges get ruffled”.

Katie is now working as a full time artist as she retired from medicine after 30 years.  She wants to work on collaborative commissions with architects , interior designers and other creative types.  She has had shows in many galleries, wineries, local auctions, charitable events and her work is on display in the homes of private collectors as well.  She has exhibited outside of Sonoma County in galleries from SF to NYC.

She wants to launch herself as a self sustaining artist and she wants to really “rev it up” as a business.   She uses a line from Dylan’s song as her motto going forward:  “She’s got everything she needs, she’s an artist, she don’t look back….”